This site was created to show the web development skills of Marita Adams. Wearable T Solutions is a fictitious company and you cannot order products.

Wearable T Solutions



We are a high quality company that makes watches for any lifestyle, suitable for every event. We have been highly regarded for our reliable service for 35 years.

It started as a small company that introduced a single model of watch. But that watch inspired great comments that people shared with their friends and family.

The craftsmen that work for Wearable T Solutions are very hard working and focused on their duties. Over the years, they have developed an instinctive sense of how to work on a team.

When we hire apprentice watchmakers, they spend weeks watching the whole operation step by step, so they know the process and may get inspired with an idea of how to improve the products.

The founders of this company are always happy to hear what you think of their watches.

If you have any questions please call or email us.