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Hi guys! My name is Colleen and I want to share with you some tips you’ll need when you’re getting physical therapy. The tips that I’m going to be sharing can be very useful for any time in your life when P.T. is necessary.


If you are in need of physical therapy, the first part is mindset. Being committed to the process is half the battle. Committing to a careful and gradual process of strengthening the parts of your body that need the most help will yield the best results.

While it can be difficult to make a commitment as a child, as an adult who can see the benefits of physical therapy, making a commitment and sticking to it is much easier.

Over the years, it often became difficult to continue with therapy lessons because of the frustration I’d feel when I didn’t see improvement right away. Knowing up front that results will be gradual and long term will help you to stick with the plan set up by your therapist.

Keep at it!

Physical therapy activities you might have to do include: weight lifting, muscle strengthening, endurance building, and agility training.

Activities that help a person recover from injury often involve improving circulation or training for strength.

Your therapy will give you the best results if you work hard and consistently. Your results will be poor if you don’t try or don’t have faith that the therapy will improve your strength and your life. By understanding this, I discovered how to best use P. T. to improve my body and to help other people in need.