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These are the family-friendly events that are happening soon: check this page and our events calendar often for new postings about future events.

July 2019 Events 

Children with Disabilities: Saturday, July 16, 2019

An event for children with disabilities, allowing them to participate in physical therapy games where they can improve their abilities to walk and run.

Solve Puzzles: Saturday, July 23, 2019

Children aged 13-17 can answer questions, solve puzzles, and figure out pictures on a screen to win prizes.

August 2019 Events

Guest Speaker: Friday, August 1, 2019

Children are invited to the gym to listen to a guest speaker.

Group Puzzle Solving: Saturday, August 9, 2019

An event where adults can do puzzle-solving activities in groups where they can work together and improve their cognitive and fine motor skills.

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