Workhorse Case Study

My Role

As a Scrum team member on the Workhorse site, I completed a variety of tasks. I prepared photos and added them to the slideshow on the Home page. This required some CSS styling. I collaborated with my teammates to ensure the result would suit the site.


The client provided us with images like these through Facebook and email.


I researched plugins to use for the site. One of these was the Google Map plugin for the Events page. I needed to find a plugin that lets the user filter down to events in a certain area. Another plugin that I researched was the calendar that filters through the events. Events get added to the calendar when Michael posts a new event. An addition, I added a plugin called Atomic Blocks to allow more types of content features to be put into posts or pages.


I designed the footer and its navigation. We wanted navigation in the footer, where users could utilize it after scrolling down through content.

I participated in compatability tests, testing the site on a variety of devices. And when we did usability testing, letting users try out the site to give us feedback, I facilitated one of the sessions, prompting the user to think out loud and tell us anything they found confusing or frustrating. The user feedback really helped the quality of the website, because we learned ways we could improve the site before the public got to see it.

Process Delivery

Marita Adams
Phone: 412.327.9099