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My teammates and I use Scrum team methodology, a form of agile development. So that we can begin working right away, we collaborate with the client to determine the most important features for the site, which becomes a list of tasks. Then the team works for a period of three weeks, called a "sprint". When the sprint ends, we show the client finished work, which makes it easy for him to see what he does or doesn't like. Then we revise the list of tasks and begin another sprint.

We used that process with Michael. We had a task board where the team wrote down the tasks, referred to as "Product Backlog Items," and we reviewed that with him at the beginning and end of each sprint.


It was also our good fortune that Michael made himself available for additional weekly meetings. These meetings made it easy to discuss all the details of what he or the team felt his site needed. We would request content, and Michael would get it for us. The team sometimes had to do some rephrasing to make the content sound more professional.

During our first sprint, the team decided to use WordPress for the site, since that would allow Michael to update his content himself as time went by. At the weekly meetings, we walked Michael through the process of purchasing hosting space, setting up the WordPress space, and choosing a theme. The theme that we used was Materialis, and we installed the Materialis Companion plugin with it.


The sprints and meetings went very smoothly. As is to be expected in agile development, some of the initial ideas evolved or were changed once the client saw the work. The client often liked the team's suggestions, such as placing all activities that took place on land on one page, and placing all activities that took place on water on another.

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