As a website designer, I strive to exceed my clients' expectations when it comes to web design and functionality. Every day I help small businesses showcase their services and products by creating a website that reflects their mission. After meeting with my clients to determine their needs and expectations, I persevere until they are happy with the outcome. I enjoy making websites to suit each client's needs, designing responsive layouts that resize to fit any screen from mobile to desktop, and incorporating the tools that their business needs for ultimate functionality. Whether a client requires a website built from scratch or a simple update, I work to make their vision a reality.

In the fall of 2019, I will obtain my Associate's degree in Multimedia Technologies with a concentration in Web Design from Pittsburgh Technical College. I have hand-coded web pages using HTML and CSS, and I have a working knowledge of JavaScript and PHP. Every day I seek to learn more in this ever-growing and changing field, so you can be assured that your website will meet the most current standards.

Physical Therapy Blog

Talent Showcased: Familiarity with Frameworks, Design

Objective: Give the blog owner a public forum to help people encourage themselves to reach their physical therapy goals

Target Audience: Teenagers and Adults

  • The website was done in WordPress so the blog owner would have an easy system for content management.
  • Plugins were added so users can register and leave comments. User Registration sets up forms so the user can leave comments. My Calendar allows the user to filter through events. MetaSlider was used to set up a slide show on the Events page. Image Hover Effects Ultimate lets the user hover over a graphic to see a caption. Broken Link Checker helps alert the developer about non-functioning links. Atomic Blocks gives the designer useful content layout options.
  • A hand-coded theme was added for full control of CSS on the site. The fonts used were Playfair Display and Playfair Display SC, which work with the pastel palette to create a natural and calming feel for the website.

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Wearable T Solutions E-Commerce Site

Talent Showcased: Server-Side Development

Objective: To sell watches

Target Audience: Teenagers and Adults

  • The product data is stored in a MySQL database and displayed on the page using hand-coded PHP.
  • Casual fonts like Satisfy and a bright background pattern make the website look spirited and hip.
  • By clicking on a specific watch, a secondary page opens where the viewer can see a description of the watch, and a larger view of the watch.
  • A hand-coded content management system allows authenticated users to log in and add a product to the list, and delete products. You are invited to try out this ability by logging in with the username “admin” and the password “admin.”.

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Workhorse Transport and Outfitters Promotional Site

Talent Showcased: Working with a Client, Agile Team Development.

Objective: Promote the outdoor outfitter.

Target audience: Adults

Workhorse Transport and Outfitters is a website I designed with two other classmates for a real client. The owner, Michael Bruno, offers outdoor adventure outings such as bike tours, pub/winery bike trips, kayak excursions and more. The team delivered a WordPress site that delighted the client and is currently in use.

My contributions to the project included:

  • Preparing photos and adding them to the slideshow with styling.
  • Researching plugins, including a Google Map plugin.
  • Designing the footer and its navigation.
  • Conducting usability tests.
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